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Atlantic Baptist Foundation was established as a Board of The United Baptist Convention of the Atlantic Provinces, Canada, in 1961.  Its mandate is to provide financial services for members and adherents of Churches, Agencies, and Council of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches.  The Foundation is incorporated as a non profit corporation under the Nova Scotia Societies Act, and has grown from a modest investment of approximately $25,000 to an asset holding of over $81,000,000.  To date the Special Grants, for the work of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada and its Agencies, has exceeded $4.2 million dollars.  The continual success and growth of Atlantic Baptist Foundation is due to the excellent governance of its Board of Directors and the confidence of the Baptist Constituency of the Atlantic Provinces in using its services.  The services provided are Savings Accounts, Registered Retirement Savings Plan, Registered Retirement Income Fund, Trust Fund Administration, Savings & Monthly Income Plan, and Loans to member churches and agencies of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada.  Atlantic Baptist Foundation office is located adjacent to The K.E. Spencer Memorial Home, Inc. Home, Inc.

The Directors of Atlantic Baptist Foundation do not act as Financial Counselors or Advisors.

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